Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cloth Nappies at Sustainable Hemp Products

There is so much I want to write about Sustainable Hemp Products but I thought i'd let the wonderful Michelle Stapleton tell you about herself and her beautiful business in her own words.

I'm Michelle, a mad mobile mouthpiece, manoeuvring amongst many mothers and maidens mentoring and mentioning the magnificence of modern cloth nappying and much more. Also most importantly I am a mum to 2 (a teen and a tween), and this passion has allowed me to work from home. I love what I do, and making and selling nappies and other natural products for mums and bubs is more than about the products. I was a Registered Nurse for a long time- (Eeek- sounding very old) and so very much love the interaction with people.

I've been involved in the business ( more a way of life really) making and selling nappies for over 6 years and our products and service have a great reputation thanks to all the gorgeous mums who have supported us along the way- word of mouth is what we rely on. We have the most natural nappying system around and specialise in Night Nappies (the Sandman), Newborn nappying including our luscious Bamboo Velour lushies, Butt Couture for days with our gorgeous prints, Booby Pads and much more using the natural fibres of Bamboo, Hemp, Organic Cotton and Wool.  Our website has much info for new mums on natural sustainable alternatives for the care of your babies.

I don’t actually sew now but cut, pin and snap, and have a team of family and friends around me including my mum, husband, children, friends and others who I rope in from time to time. How we make our products is more important than how many products we make.  When you purchase one of the products we make or sell, you are supporting at least 4 Australian businesses and families through our supply chain. They will always be made in Australia and right here in my local community, having a good time hopefully while we’re at it. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, 

Warmest Wishes,   Michelle

Ph- (07) 55 333 620     Mobile- 0427 633 621  Email-


Check out Michelle's store online and on facebook to see her latest products. And I know that everyone who has tried Michelle's gorgeous nappies continue to use them and can't speak highly enough about them! I myself LOVE Michelle's beautiful products and I trust that they are the very best for my family. 

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