Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Product Review - OTi Organiser

As many of you know, the wonderful people at OTi Organiser have sent me a beautiful Spearmint green organiser to review. I am thoroughly delighted with my new organiser! I simply cannot find fault with it at all. I can't believe I have never owned one before.

Right from the start after you open the organiser it is handy. There is a nifty little pocket built into the cover that is perfect for storing any papers or appt cards that you may need throughout the year. I love this feature, I am forever losing such things in my handbag but now they will be secure and safe stored here. 

Every day of the year has a section not only for your appointments but for writing in exercise and your meal plan for the day. I find this extremely helpful for when you write up weekly meal plans and you want to mix things up and not keep making the same thing. We all know that rut of the same meal every single week yes? now you can flip easily through the year to see what lovely things you have made and get some inspiration for the following week. Down the right hand page of every week there is also a very handy 2 part section with To Do and People to contact. Again very helpful, especially when there is no need to specifically plan a date and a time, you can simply mark it here for reference through the week and get to it when you desire. I know this feature will be well used for me!

Do you love to travel? You'll LOVE the Going Away section at the back of the organiser. It has a section for everything from what to pack, Important phone numbers and right down to your travel Itinerary. Never forget the name of your hotel again !!

Love Entertaining? If you are like me, you will have lots of dinner parties through the year. I adore entertaining and this section is very very useful. Never repeat the same foods again for your friends, Keep notes of food allergies or dislikes. Write down what your friends rave about so you know what they like to make for them again. You can even write down what recipes you cook and what cookbook you got the recipe from. 

And last but not at all least. The removable contacts and notes book !! I absolutely HATE having to write all of my contacts information out every.single.year. Now I don't have to. I can write it all down in this wonderful removable book and simply transfer it to my new organiser next year. YAY. 

As you can see, I am in love with my new organiser. It even has a pen attached to the side for easy access and use. This organiser is a dream come true for me. I know that I am going to stick with this organiser year after year from now on. 

A HUGE thank you to OTi Organisers for sending me this gorgeous product to review. You have made a future customer here and I will brag about you to everyone I meet.

Check them out for yourself HERE and pick one up for next year..... I only wish it was January now so I can use it today.


  1. I wanted to get one of these this year but couldn't bring myself to spend $35. I may have to seriously consider it again for next year.

  2. I had recently bought a Pregnancy Organiser from another company * I won't name * And it was almost $50 !! It was completely useless to me and full of things I wouldn't even bother using or reading..... Spending $35 for this one to me is one yearly purchase I can and will be justifying :) I adore it !


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