Friday, 12 October 2012

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Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog, My name is Lisa Abejja and I am a married mum of 5 little boys. Yes FIVE !! I am a happy, easy to laugh girl who takes pleasure from the simple things in life. My greatest achievement is my beautiful family, this might not be much to many but to me this is gold. 

Having five children has meant I have had the opportunity to try many different products and this has given me a good idea of what a mum of today is truly looking for to use in her family. 

There is a dazzling array of products and brands on the market and this makes the decisions we have to make even more difficult, especially for first time parents and grandparents. This is why I have created this blog, I hope that it will grow into being a useful resource for mums and other caregivers to come to when they want to know if the item they are looking to buy is really as good as it says it is or whether there is a different one on the market that's more suited to their needs. 

Many of my favourite products are Australian made by small businesses, I love to support our local economy and I believe the best way to do this is to shop from little known online companies and help them to grow their name. I especially have a soft spot for natural baby care and home care products. 

My real world, hands on experience has given me the opportunity to:

* Look past the pretty packaging to the product beneath. I have found some wonderful gems amongst very plain packaging. 

* Know what really works for my children and my family. Looking beyond the advertising hype of the bigger brands to find the golden products beneath the radar. 

* Seek out smaller little known companies who are selling amazing products. I love to support these companies whenever I find them with advertising and getting their names out there and known amongst the people.

I truly hope that you find my blog informative and useful and I welcome you to comment upon anything I write about. Feel free to tell me what it is you love in a baby/child product. Is there a product that you think deserves to be written about here or maybe you have a product of your own that you would love to have reviewed and written about. 

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  1. Hi Lisa

    I'm working on getting an online new and used clothing botique up and running. I need all the help I can get to spread the word and let people know where I am.

    The proceeds will go to charity, mostly in my local area but basically anything to do with helping kids.

    I'd love to send you a sample, or if you could take a look at the shop and give me your feedback :)


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