Saturday, 6 October 2012

Squeeze'ems review and giveaway


If you make your own baby food then you know the frustration of packing up all of them little tubs in your bag to take out. When it's time for baby's lunch you open up your bag and OH NO it's gone everywhere !! But fret no more. Today I have discovered something AMAZING that you really must know about - Squeeze'ems baby food pouches.

These reusable pouches are the solution to your baby food transportation dilemmas.

The gorgeous Samantha Hoyle from Squeeze'ems has agreed to give us some to try and review for you plus a 10 pack for a competition giveaway. I will be talking to Samantha about the details so watch this space for how you can enter to win a pack of these wonderful pouches. I just know these are very soon going to be seen in every supermarket in Australia and then overseas, so much am I excited about these!


  • Each pouch holds 80g -  is free from BPA, PVC and Phthalate

  • Caution: Ensure young children are supervized when using this product as it contains small parts which children could choke on or swallow.

  • Please wash or sterilize the pouches before filling them.

  • When microwaving please unscrew the cap/lid to allow air to escape the pouch, if the contents is below the level of the spout. If the contents is higher than the level of the spout open the zip-lock at the top instead. Please check the temperature of the contents before serving.

  • Make sure not to overfill the pouches when freezing as the contents will expand which may cause the ziplock to burst open.

  • Place the pouch on it's side with the spout facing upward when opening to prevent the contents from spilling out.

  • Made from PET/NY/PE

Not only are these reusable which is fantastic if you are environmentally conscious like myself but they are affordable. With prices starting from just $3 for a trial pack how can you walk past them without giving them a go??

I am thinking of how practical they will be for everything from custards, yoghurts, homemade dinners and well.... the ideas are endless!!

You can check them out on their website HERE or on their facebook page HERE ..

Well... what are you waiting for? check these babies out =D

Lisa xx

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