Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mandy Mac Reviewers

Good morning everyone,

Thank you all for your patience in this decision process and for your applications. Amanda from Mandy Mac had trouble choosing the 2 reviewers but the decision has been made now.

Our 2 reviewers are Lou and Sabrina.

Ladies could you please send us your addresses and when we have the nappies in our hands we will ship them your way.

Cheers x

Friday, 14 January 2011

Little innoscents Nappy Rash Cream

Our reader review on little innoscents Nappy Rash Cream has just been posted to our blog. Please read what Kathryn had to say about little innoscents Nappy Rash Cream.

Thank you Kathryn for your honest review.

Lisa and Danni x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sleepy Wings Reviews

I am happy to announce that we have added Tara's and Melinda's Sleepy Wings Reviews to our blog!

When Lisa and I first heard about Sleepy Wings we couldn't get over how brilliant they sounded. When we were able to organise some sleepy wings to review on Australian Mum's Favourite Baby and Child Products we were excited for our reviewers (and a little jealous that our babies were too big).

You can read the sleepy wings reviews here.

Thank you Sleepy Wings for the review opportunity. Your product is absolutely wonderful, you should be very proud of it and how you are helping Mother's and babies world wide to sleep peacefully.

I look forward to being your customer in the future (if I ever get around to having another baby).


Monday, 10 January 2011

Introducing Little Pumpkin Organics!

We have had the pleasure of enjoying and reviewing some wonderful Little Pumpkin Organics tonic balms.

Please check out our reviews to find out more about Little Pumpkin Organics. You can find our reviews here.

I am certain that you will fall in love with these delightful Australian products. They are the perfect gift for any new Mum.

Little Pumpkin Organics are available online from

Product Review - Little Pumpkin

Danni and I have been so spoilt in having these gorgeous products from Little pumpkin to trial and review.

I have to say that I am beyond impressed! The quality of not only the product but their packaging is amazing. When I first opened our package with these products I was blown away by how beautiful they were. The gorgeous glass jars and their labeling is beautiful to say the least. And the smell of them oh my wonderful.

Soothing Baby Bottom Balm:

The smell of this is incredible. I cannot stop smelling it every time I open the jar! I cannot pinpoint what memory inside me it is evoking but there is a reminder in that jar and I will remember it. The smell is honestly one of the most delightful scents I have ever known. It kind of reminds me of a candy store but not quite. It is as though every gorgeous smell on earth has been lovingly packaged into one small jar. You MUST try this even if it is to smell it!

It has a gorgeously whipped like texture that is so beautiful to apply. It is creamy and luxurious oh and did I mention the smell hehe. My son's bottom is so kissable and smooth now. So healthy and soft is his skin. This product gets a thumbs up in every aspect.

Calm Baby Balm:

An Intricate balm designed to settle and relax, with delicate aromas of exotic wild crafted Atlas Mountain blue tansy, organic Roman chamomile, and a hint of organic tangerine. Designed for use at any time to calm and soothe.

Sleepy Baby Balm:

Designed for use at bedtime to settle, relax and gently promote sleep. Sleepy Baby is a classic calming balm that features organic high-altitude Bulgarian lavender fused with traditional organic Roman chamomile with organic fair-trade East African shea butter.

Day Time Snuffle Balm:

A soothing balm designed to relieve coughs and snuffles throughout the day. Infused with organic lemongrass and a complex of delicate citrus notes, This invigorating balm refreshes the senses whilst using Australian, organic rosemary and cypress for their decongesting and cold relieving properties.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cherub Baby BPA Free Microwave Steam Steriliser Bags

Before Christmas, Cherub Baby sent us these wonderful Microwave Steam Steriliser Bags to review. What a handy product they are and so affordable at the RRP of just $16.95 for a Pack of  5!

After much thought, Lisa and I decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to get a reviewer on board. We approached Patricia to see if she would be interested as she has only recently gone back to work and was finding her breast milk expressing journey a little tricky. Check out the complete product review here.

Thank you Cherub Baby for giving Australian mum's favourite baby and child products and Patricia the opportunity review this wonderful product.

You can find Cherub Baby on facebook, their website and on twitter!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Lisa and I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

May your year be filled with wonderful things, precious moments and good fortune.

Things have been a little crazy and hectic for both of us lately so I just want to apologise for not being around as much and for the lack of reviews. We promise to be back online, and publishing wonderful product reviews on Tuesday. We both have a few up our sleeves and can't wait to tell you all about them.

Take care,