Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tantrums ahoy !!

Butter wouldn't melt would it??
I used to be so happy with my tantrum free children.. I should be, I had 5 little ones and not one has had a tantrum at the store, or in the car or really, anywhere... Until recently.

Do you see that little guy pulling the cheeky face? That's my 2 and a half year old son Elias. Sweet huh... Butter SURE wouldn't melt... yeah right !

Over the past 2 weeks he has mastered the art of fake whinging/crying. He can turn it on and off at will and he's SUPER stubborn. When he wants to fake cry nothing will stop him, no teasing, no laughing, no bribery.. You can't even ignore the guy cos he follows you around holding onto your clothes with his fake no tears cry. You can get his attention and he'll suddenly stop crying to look, but then again it starts when he realises HEY i'm meant to be crying !

Today at the store was my first ever experience of a child having a tantrum.. even if it is a FAKE crying tantrum like his was. I was so frustrated and embarrassed. Of course little old ladies try to help with their comments ooohhh he's had enough shopping or oh poor little man what's wrong? of course nothing breaks through to Mr Fake Tantrum. *sigh* From the very second we were out of the car to the second we went back into it I had to listen to waaaaaaa with no tears.

Would you like a toy? NO, would you like a yoghurt? NO, would you like to help me? NO... None of the usual joys of shopping would stop the cry. The second we got into the car the fake cry stopped and he asked me why we are going home! can you believe! Needless to say he didn't get a reply and I just drove on home to safety.

How do you deal with this type of behaviour? are there any magical tricks up your sleeve to stop a tantrum in it's tracks? This is so new to me and I was so shocked to find I didn't know what I was meant to do, what to say or really what I was doing.

I'd love to hear from you on this. Has your child mastered the fake cry? 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Product Review - Mountain Goats Milk Soap

This is not a sponsored post

My son Ishaq suffers from horrible eczema. He is allergic to dust and the slightest contact with it creates not only hives but eczema left over on his skin. He gets it all over his body from between the toes to his eye lids. I have tried so many different products to ease his dryness and itchiness and while I have had some good success with them they never quite healed it completely.

We hate using the cortisone creams that the dr recommends although sometimes sadly we do have to resort to it for the very worst of symptoms. 

I've found great relief with Mountain Goats Milk Soap products recently for his dry skin and indeed the itchiness. I've been using the baby wash or the soap in his bath and then smothering him with their gorgeous creams. 

Here's a few we love...

Moisture Intense:

For those who need extreme moisturising this cream is readily absorbed into the skin and the moisture is so very well lasting you will be surprised. And the scent... DIVINE !

Luxurious Unscented Soap:

With no water used in this product and only the very best Goats milk and rich in skin loving oils and butters this soap will leave you wonderfully clean and fresh without stripping your already dry skin of it's natural oils. 

Baby Wash:

Rich in the essential oils of Lavender this delightful wash is not only a pleasure to use but it's great for your baby's skin. This beautiful wash really goes a long way so when it says you only need the smallest amount it truly means it. I love to use this for myself too... just don't tell the kids. 

Raspberry Cream:

Do you remember the smell of Redskins lollies as a kid? that overwhelmingly delicious scent of raspberries when you ate them? THIS cream is THAT smell !! This is a wonderfully buttery cream with no water added for maximum moisture absorption. Plus of course, it smells incredible. 

Lip Balm... One for mama:

I love the rich chocolate scent and flavour of this gorgeous lip balm. I have it ready to go in my handbag for when I want a hit of deliciousness. You don't even need to have rough lips to want to smooth this onto your lips. And because it is firm in the container, it doesn't get wasted and definitely will not leak out of the container. Just delightful. 

You will love these products even if you do not suffer from eczema. I have been telling everyone about these lovely products and i'm sure you will adore them also if you try them.

Please check out their website HERE  and their facebook page HERE Make sure to tell them that Australian Mums Products sent you :)  

Before you leave... here's some lovely Goats! 

The boys have me outnumbered

Let me introduce you to my two youngest boys. Ishaq who is 4.5 and Elias who is 2.5. Separately they are the sweetest little guys you can imagine, attentive, cuddly, easy going and happy natured. Put them together and you have a whole different entity.

Aside from little boys usual mischievousness of arguing over toys and then demolishing the house in their play they have another specialty I like to call "tag team insistance" It will happen throughout the day in them times where I must sit down. It's like a beacon goes off in their minds and they have to make me busy... Do they think i'm bored when i'm sitting? really.. i'm not !  And I really do enjoy my tea hot without a skin on it too, though they don't think that i'm sure. Maybe they want to keep me fit? keep me busy to make the day go faster. Most days start out like this..
6am Elias wakes up and wakes me up just because he is awake. I tell him to play with some toys quietly which is translated to him as yell in his brothers room as loudly as possible for him to get up and play with him. I go in there, quieten him and try to sneak back into bed for a little longer.

6:15am Elias will scream MUM I DONE DID POOS !! heaving myself out of my comfy cocoon I slink into their room to change him and tell him again please play quietly so that I can have some more rest and your brother can sleep.

6:30am Ishaq yells MUM I NEED TO GO TOILET !! so again I get out of bed sadly and have to help him with his business and again try to go back to bed.

6:40am The arguing over books or toys commence and I give up finally ( Why I even try I do not know ) and march them into the loungeroom with some lego to play with and cartoons on the tv to turn on the kettle and hope for a fast cup of tea before breakfast.

7am tea is made and I sit to drink it. MUM CAN I HAVE BREAKY !! Realising it's easier to do it fast rather than ask them to wait a few minutes I get it for them and sit to my tea again. As soon as my bottom hits the chair I get another call MUM CAN I HAVE JUICE !! So again... I get up and tend to them then try to sit to my now cold tea and finish it off before getting them ready for school, normally I can get 5 minutes with them eating before they need me again.

This sit down and get up routine is continued through out the entire day. Elias's favourite is asking for a Dora dvd and then the second it is on and I leave the room he cries for Diego. Repeat my leaving the room and he cries for Mickey mouse. Then when he is FINALLY happy his brother wants something else.

Do your kids tagteam you? Do they always wait for you to sit before they realise that they must/need to have something right NOW?


At least the day goes fast !

I'd love to hear what your little ones do each day with you. Do they like to use you as a yoyo or are they pretty easy going. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Product Review - Twinings Festive Tea

The amazing people at Twinings Australia sent us some gorgeous Festive tea to review and some extras to giveaway !!

This tea is literally Christmas in a cup... I love it so much ! Everything from the smell of the brew to the taste of the tea just screams festivities to you. It is quite unlike any other tea I have ever tried and I've tried so many. You really need to get your hands on some of this tea and try it for yourself.

Christmas Tea

Christmas tea is a Malty Assam blended with Cinnamon, Clove and Spice flavourings. This is a totally scrumptious festive twist on your classic brew. It's a delightful balance of what you already know and the seasonal tastes you love. It honestly does smell and taste just like Christmas ! This beautiful tin contains 20 pretty individually wrapped bags and would be perfect to treat yourself or to give as a gift. I have found this to be a very refreshing afternoon delight. It's so beautiful outside as the sun is setting and the cool air is flowing. The combined relaxation of a lazy afternoon and this tea is the perfect way to end a day.

Indulgent Vanilla Chai

Spicy Chai black tea with creamy rich Vanilla flavours. Perfect to sit down to after a long day or really just because it is so lovely and comforting. This is a wonderfully aromatic blend and the smell hits you as soon as you open the tin. It's a true pleasure to have. It is quite enjoyable alone or add some sugar and a dash of milk for a true Chai taste. Every sip is like a beautiful comforting hug. This tin also contains 20 very pretty individually wrapped bags. I've been drinking this tea teamed with a yummy teacake once the little ones are all asleep for a very selfish and indulgent treat. 

We have 4 tins of this lovely tea to giveaway to two lucky winners. Each winner will receive one each of the Christmas tea and the Indulgent Vanilla Chai tea. You lucky ducks !

To enter:

Go over to Twinings Australia page HERE and like them telling them that Australian Mums Products sent you tagging our page in the comment so that I can count it. Then leave a comment here telling me you have done so.

And then in a separate comment tell me a blend of tea you would create to celebrate your special occasion. This doesn't have to be Christmas it can be Eid, Hanukkah, Birthday, Winter Solstice.... Which ever special occasion you love the most. I want to know what you would create :)

Winner will be decided on it's creativity and sheer yumminess of the entry on the 5th December so get your thinking caps on quick! You must of LIKED the Twinings Australia page for your entry to be chosen as a winner. It's the least we can do to say thank you for the gorgeous prizes and review products.

In the meantime you can purchase these wonderful teas online at or at your local Coles Supermarket. 

Can't wait to hear your ideas.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Marrakesh Chicken

As many know I am an Aussie girl married to a Moroccan husband. Because of this I am always looking for recipes to make him remember home and help to ease some homesickness he may develop. Lately that homesickness is growing stronger so I am even more trying to help him and what I do best is FOOD...

One of my favourite Facebook pages is called Moroccan Cuisine, You can find it HERE. And last night they put up this gorgeous recipe called Marrakesh Chicken. I can't wait to try this out. I'm thinking of the chicken with Rice, a delicious salad and some homemade Moroccan flat bread. My stomach is growling at the very thought of it.

Here's the recipe for you to enjoy !

Marrakesh Chicken

You can substitute chicken breasts or chicken parts, skinned or unskinned. Serves 4.

1 frying chicken, skinned and cut in quarters

Juice of 1 lemon

1 tablespoon crushed coriander (or 1/2 tablespoon powdered)

1 tablespoon dried oregano (or 1/2 tablespoon powdered)

3 cloves garlic, chopped

Good handful regular green olives

1/2 cup olive oil

1 lemon, thinly sliced

Sprinkle chicken with salt and arrange in baking pan. Sprinkle with lemon juice, coriander, oregano,

garlic, and olives. Pour olive oil over it. Cover with lemon slices and bake at 325 degrees F or 160

degrees Celcius for 1 hour.

Thank you Moroccan Cuisine for this gorgeous recipe ! I simply HAD to share it =D

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Gorgeous find - Night Light... Bunny Rabbit

I just fell in love with the cutest of night lights at Rudy and the Dodo ! Check it out =D

This little rabbit lamp is straight from a vintage storybook and looks so cosy at night all lit up! It uses LED, so there is no need for messy cables. Batteries included, requires 3 button batteries LR44. Measures a rather quaint 14 cms high. Isn't she going to brighten up your tot's room so happily??
You can buy him HERE for only $24.95. But be quick, these never last long in store. 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Introducing TF Creations

Owned by the delightful Tina Fledderus from Moora Western Australia, TF Creations keeps Tina busy in the spare time she has between working for Issy Bear Nappies and caring for her gorgeous family.

Here are some of Tina's creations that caught my eye today!

I love this Bucket hat and Cars 2 is bound to get the little engine running in any little boy !

This gorgeous Quillow will make sleep overs a breeze. It's a blanket that turns into a pillow, how unique!

Who wants the same generic iPad cover that everyone else owns? not me! I love these gorgeous iPad covers.

Every little boy on earth would jump for joy if he had this cool Library bag for school. No more plain boring bags now that TF Creations is here.

Restaurants need not be visited with fright anymore when you are armed with these handy crayon rolls to keep the little ones occupied and busy.

There are so many more gorgeous creations for you to explore at TF Creations HERE. Go check them out and tell them Australian Mums Products sent you.