Monday, 8 October 2012

OTI Organiser Products

Well it's that time of year again where our organisers are reaching their final pages and the new year is coming leaving us that yearly question of "what's the best organiser for me to buy"

There are so many different organiser brands on the market that it honestly is quite a hard decision to make. Everyone has something different to offer and they are all so bright, shiny and exciting.

Me... I love that time of year where I choose a new organiser. It's exciting. After all, this purchase is one that will be with you for the entire coming year !

It is with this thought that I approached OTi Organiser Products with the idea that if they send me one to keep i'll review it for my blog. Thankfully they agreed !! YAY ME...

After being given the choice of which colour I would prefer I chose the gorgeous Spearmint Green which immediately caught my eye. I think it's so fresh and pretty. With some of it's handy features being:

Week to view spread:
  • To do list
  • Meal plan
  • Exercise plan
  • People to call
Other features:
  • Removable contacts and info booklet
  • Refillable post it notes
  • Pen 

Don't you just love it ??!!

They have some wonderful stuff out there all waiting and ready to get you through the year 2013. You'll have every area of your life sorted with their products.

These are a couple of my favourites ( aside from the gorgeous organiser diaries ):

OTi Meal Planner. With a large magnet attached to the back so that you can store it on the fridge, it is a generous A4 size pad with 50 sheets of paper this is definitely going to make meal planning easier. With the up-side of everyone knowing what's for dinner it ends them constantly repetitive "what's for dinner" questions.

OTi Shopping Pad and Pencil. This convenient pad is 50 pages thick and 140mm wide x 205mm high with a handy large magnet on the back for fridge storage so it's right there when you need it most. There's no more writing your lists on scraps of paper in a disorganised manner. I love these types of organisers because you can go down each aisle fast and easily without having to backtrack because you  just noticed you have missed something on your list. 

What type of organiser do you prefer to get your life sorted? I'd love to hear what features you like in yours.

If you want to check out OTi Organiser Products you can find their website HERE and their Facebook page HERE

Let me know what catches your eye :) 

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