Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Matt's Munchies from yasnaimports.com.au

The lovely Amelia from Yasna Imports sent me a wonderfully delicious parcel full of Matt's Munchies to trial and oh WOW !!  All of the flavours have less than 100 Calories per serving pack. They are certified Gluten free, Vegan, Kosher and Organic. They contain no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. Free of Soy and sugar also.

These Munchies tick every box !

These snacks are incredible, I adore them so much. They are bite sized squares of dried fruit rolled up into these packages. They are most definitely moreish and leave you wanting more more more.

My absolute favourite of them is the Chilli Chocolate, it has a wonderful chilli hit that is sure to satisfy those who like some bite.

You will be sure to very soon find these in your local health food stores but in the meantime you can buy them online HERE

The tagline on the packets is "An All Natural Trip To Paradise" and that's an understatement

Now... let me tempt you

Chilli Chocolate:

My favourite....  This is a delightful combination of heat and sweet that's sure to get your tastebuds dancing. This wholesome package contains only 70 calories.

Raspberry Delight:

Chocolate and Raspberries dance together very merrily in this unique combination. With only 70 Calories per packet it's a light way to satisfy them sweet cravings. 

Apple Pie:

Get your all American favourite pie in a handy bite sized dried fruit serve. Tastes amazingly like the real thing but with only 70 calories you can enjoy it guilt FREE !


Imagine perfectly ripened Bananas bathing in a milk chocolate bath. Roll that up into bite sized pieces and you are spot on with flavour. With 80 calories, you can find your way to paradise without fear of overindulging. 


Beautiful sun ripened bananas right from the plantation.... oh you can imagine them with this flavour. And if you need any more evidence that these Munchies are 100% natural it is with this flavour. Made with 100% Banana... nothing else. 70 calories is all that's in this for you also.


A delightful blend of Mangoes and Tangy apples create this beautiful flavour and there's only 35 Calories !!!  

Ginger Spice:

Perfectly ripened Mangoes blended with spicy Ginger and then subtly finished with the warmth of Cinnamon create these delicious bites. And again only 35 calories per packet AMAZING !

Island Mango:

Have you been dreaming of a tropical island getaway? Let the flavours Coconut and Mango take you away. Close your eyes and dreaaaaaaaaaam a sweet dream. And with only 40 Calories per pack you can dream without guilt. 


A refreshing and delicious taste thrill with only 35 calories and 1 ingredient !!

I hope I have sucessfully whet your tastebuds and made you dream of far away Islands and Tropical flavours. There's no need to just dream of the tastes when you can buy them easily online HERE Keep some in your car glovebox, one in your handbag and a few in the baby bag for a fast, easy to serve, guilt-free energy boost. Kids and adults alone will enjoy them. I know I sure have fallen in love.

Thank you Amelia for the opportunity to try these products. I am very impressed and will be seeing you soon to replenish my supply.

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  1. Oh wow these look great - choco-nana and apple pie - YUM!


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