Monday, 8 October 2012

Giveaway - Bosisto's Lavender !

Thanks to the wonderful people at Bosisto's we have FOUR of these gorgeous Lavender packs to giveaway ! Bosisto's are an Australian made and owned company who truly cares for your family.

Our family loves and trusts Bosisto's products to care for our family. We use them everywhere and the new Lavender range is definitely making it's self indispensable in our home too. Lavender is one of my all time favourite scents, it is so calming, warming and inviting. It's freshness is unlike any other and with Bosisto's new range of Lavender products there are so many new ways for me to use Lavender in our home. 

For me the most exciting new product in the Lavender range is the Lavender Spray. You can now have the freshness of Lavender at your fingertips any time you want it without the need to drag out the oil burner and candles!
Here are some of it's special features:

  • Convenient, easy to use spray with all the uses of Lavender oil
  • For sleep and relaxation
  • Use in bedroom & baby's room
  • Calms, soothes and relaxes for insomnia and mild anxiety
  • Natural Antibacterial, antiseptic and insect repellent
  • Cleans, refreshes and deodorisers, especially in them musty places
  • Clean, sweet fragrance
  • Only spray on the market with 100% pure lavender oil
  • Contains 100% Pure, natural Lavandula angustifolia, lavender oil
  • Bosisto's Lavender Spray does NOT contain any Chloroflurocarbon ( CFC ) Propellant

Here are some examples of how you can use your Lavender Spray:

Personal uses:

Insomnia, nervous tension & mild anxiety
Scientific evidence suggests that lavender oil use helps improve sleep quality, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Apply Bosisto's Lavender Spray liberally around the bedroom which will help create a calming, soothing environment for sleep. Helps create a calming ambience in nurseries for settling babies and young children.

Headache and stress
Spray onto a handkerchief and inhale throughout the day to help relieve tension and headache.

Muscular aches, pains and sprains
Apply to the affected area and gently massage in to relieve aches and pains. Repeat as required.

Foot odour
As a natural antibacterial Bosisto's Lavender Spray may help minimise foot odour, Spray directly onto dry, clean feet and into shoes to fragrance and deodorise.

Insect Repellent & Bite relief 
Bosisto's Lavender Spray may be useful to help deter insects at home or when camping. Spray onto the skin to ease the pain and itching of mosquito and other insect bites. Do not rub in, and repeat as necessary. 

Household uses:

Room deodoriser
Bosisto's Lavender Spray creates a beautiful, sweet smelling ambience in the home. It is perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, toilet or any other room where you wish to have a welcoming, warming fragrance.

Banish odours
Banish nasty odours in gym bags, pet area and nappy buckets. Also terrific for deodorising the car leaving a lingering sweet fragrance that lasts.

Mould & Mildew
Freshen musty areas such as drawers, wardrobes and behind curtains with a spray of Bosisto's Lavender. 

Pets quarters
For Dog and pet quarters, spray onto bedding and around bed areas to clean, deodorise and freshen. 

Note: do not spray directly onto pets and prevent animals from licking any areas where spray has been used.

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Prize pack contains ONE Bosisto's Lavender Spray, ONE Bosisto's Lavender Oil, and ONE Bosisto's Lavender Solution.

Best of luck !

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  1. My fave Bosisto's produce is their Euco Fresh washing powder! I've been using it for over a year now and nothing gets my coth nappies fresher!!!

  2. My favourite product is the Eucalyptus Spray. I particularly like it as a natural room freshener.

  3. I use the Lavender on my bedding. It's great for sound sleep for me :)

  4. I love the Ecalyptus spray. My aunty used it years ago and ever since I've used it too

  5. My favourite is bosisto eucalyptus spray.

  6. Oh I love all things Bosistos...huge fan. Especially the flow-ow spay (Lavender flower spray) for all our itchies both real and imaginary.


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