Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The boys have me outnumbered

Let me introduce you to my two youngest boys. Ishaq who is 4.5 and Elias who is 2.5. Separately they are the sweetest little guys you can imagine, attentive, cuddly, easy going and happy natured. Put them together and you have a whole different entity.

Aside from little boys usual mischievousness of arguing over toys and then demolishing the house in their play they have another specialty I like to call "tag team insistance" It will happen throughout the day in them times where I must sit down. It's like a beacon goes off in their minds and they have to make me busy... Do they think i'm bored when i'm sitting? really.. i'm not !  And I really do enjoy my tea hot without a skin on it too, though they don't think that i'm sure. Maybe they want to keep me fit? keep me busy to make the day go faster. Most days start out like this..
6am Elias wakes up and wakes me up just because he is awake. I tell him to play with some toys quietly which is translated to him as yell in his brothers room as loudly as possible for him to get up and play with him. I go in there, quieten him and try to sneak back into bed for a little longer.

6:15am Elias will scream MUM I DONE DID POOS !! heaving myself out of my comfy cocoon I slink into their room to change him and tell him again please play quietly so that I can have some more rest and your brother can sleep.

6:30am Ishaq yells MUM I NEED TO GO TOILET !! so again I get out of bed sadly and have to help him with his business and again try to go back to bed.

6:40am The arguing over books or toys commence and I give up finally ( Why I even try I do not know ) and march them into the loungeroom with some lego to play with and cartoons on the tv to turn on the kettle and hope for a fast cup of tea before breakfast.

7am tea is made and I sit to drink it. MUM CAN I HAVE BREAKY !! Realising it's easier to do it fast rather than ask them to wait a few minutes I get it for them and sit to my tea again. As soon as my bottom hits the chair I get another call MUM CAN I HAVE JUICE !! So again... I get up and tend to them then try to sit to my now cold tea and finish it off before getting them ready for school, normally I can get 5 minutes with them eating before they need me again.

This sit down and get up routine is continued through out the entire day. Elias's favourite is asking for a Dora dvd and then the second it is on and I leave the room he cries for Diego. Repeat my leaving the room and he cries for Mickey mouse. Then when he is FINALLY happy his brother wants something else.

Do your kids tagteam you? Do they always wait for you to sit before they realise that they must/need to have something right NOW?


At least the day goes fast !

I'd love to hear what your little ones do each day with you. Do they like to use you as a yoyo or are they pretty easy going. 

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