Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Manna Bears Review from Ali Pruys

Thanks Manna bears for letting us sample your product! My Children 2.5 years and 17 months are quite fussy eaters! So being able to supplement their diets is always on the back of my mind. I have recently been ale to get them to take the squirt style tablets with some convincing. Yesterday when the Manna bears arrived I first tried one then had to re-read the product info, I couldn't believe they a lollie could be so healthy! When I offered one to the boys they gobbled it up immediately asking for more! It's a winner for sure, only problem is getting them to stop at 4 ;) I would recommend these to anyone considering vitamins for their child. Also worth mentioning they had a great taste and came in 3 flavours and a great consistency too, I wasn't worried about my 17 month old choking or swallowing them as they melted beautifully in the mouth. A great product.


Thanks Ali :D

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