Friday, 25 March 2011

Giveaway - Bosistos EucoFresh

Thanks to the wonderful Australian company Bosistos we have 6 boxes of this fantastic, fresh laundry powder to giveaway.

This Australian made and owned washing powder is safe for the family and the environment. It can be easily used in front loaders and top loaders and leaves your washing smelling fresh.Here are some special features for Bosisto’s EucoFresh Laundry Powder that I have copied from their webpage

Special Features

  • An ultra concentrate laundry powder that cleans and freshens

  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable & grey-water safe

  • 100% water soluble and low allergenic - no harmful particles
    to clog fabrics or irritate skin

  • Low foam for use in front or top loaders, hot or cold water

  • Contains 100% pure natural Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil

  • Low Allergenic

  • Australian made & owned

For more information check out their webpage.

You can also find Bosisto on Facebook. I was lucky enough to be able to review Bosistos you can read my review here.

Lisa and I just love this washing powder and we are excited to be able to offer this fabulous giveaway opportunity. To qualify for this giveaway you must be a blog subscriber. This giveaway closes 2pm NSW time next Friday (1st April 2011). Once again to make it fair we will use to pick the winners.

We would love to hear (below this post) what you love about Eucalyptus and how you use it around the house?


  1. i love the smell!!! and it comes out here everytime something sticky appears :) it has also been used in every jewellery shop i have ever worked in the clean the displays. works perfectly to take of the residue from price stickers and keeps the shops sparkling clean

  2. Absolutely love the smell of eucalyptus. We rub the oil on carpets & furniture to help lift off cat fur before vaccuming. We also use it on timber furniture to remove stickers or marks and have tried it on leather lounge that my son drew on with a texta.

  3. My hubby loves to put a drop or two while washing clothes and we use it in the steam vaporiser

  4. Love Bosistos Euco products - with eczema sufferers in the house it is great to control dust mites, and I love to use a spray of Euco Spray in the bin when changing bin liners - gives a wonderful fresh scent everytime you open the bin.

  5. We LOVE eucalyptus in our house.

    We use it in a vaporiser when our little boy has a cough/cold/sniffles. The smell of eucalyptus reminds me of my childhood!

    We use it to remove sticky residue on things, particularly the pesky rego sticker scum that was on our car windscreen.

    And I add a few drops in the washing when I wash my son's cloth nappies. A lovely fresh smell.

  6. I just love the smell of eucalyptus . I just love its cleaning properties.
    I am always surprised to see that it leaves everything fresh and nice smelling, removing stains and odours.

    My son has eczema so to avoid all the nasty chemical filled cleaners and room freshners i use Eucalyptus ( Bosisto's eucalyptus in the form of spray and liquid ).

    - I prefer to use it as room spray .
    - During winters to disinfects door knobs, taps etc
    - To wipe the shelves and sticky areas.
    - Few drops while washing the laundary.

  7. It's great for removing sticky residues, and fantastic for cold and flu season.

  8. I love the smell of eucalyptus but don't actually use it around the house. Loving all the ideas so I can start using it!

  9. i love the fresh and soothing smell of Eucalyptus. We use it at home for many different reasons.
    - For cleaning purposes,
    - in the laundary,
    - to freshen up the room and upholstry.

    Add it in the laundary for fresh and nice smelling clothes.
    Love to spray it in the dustbin area to keep it germ free.
    Love it during cold season as it gives refreshing feeling.

  10. Perfect to clean all the stain and leave the clothes smelly and if u put some in towell and clean the light bulbs ur house smell so good

  11. I LOVE the smell of laundry detergent, especially this one!! And, it cleans so well.

  12. Giveaway winner #1 goes to commenter #4 - Jordie could you please email us at

  13. EucoFresh Giveaway winner #2 goes to commenter #3 - Rubina could you please email us at

  14. EucoFresh Giveaway winner #3 goes to commenter #2 - Chont could you please email us at

  15. EucoFresh Giveaway winner #4 goes to commenter #7 - Rosemarie could you please email us at

  16. EucoFresh Giveaway winner #5 goes to commenter #1 - Olivia could you please email us at

  17. EucoFresh Giveaway winner #6 goes to commenter #8 - Bec Sherman could you please email us at

  18. congrats to all the winners...

  19. Can those who won please contact us with their postal address?
    Thank you Bec, Chont and Rubi for sending yours in.

    The remaining 3 people have until Midday this Friday (15/4/11) to get their details into us. Those who do not get theirs in will forfeit their EucoFresh and we will go back to Those whose addresses we do have will still get theirs.

    I'm sorry if this causes any upset but I really want to get these freebies out to those who have won them.

    Warm regards,


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