Friday, 17 December 2010

Introducing Mandy Mac. Review Opportunity

Australian mum's favourite baby and child products have been given a wonderful trial and review opportunity thanks to the lovely Amanda McCracken founder of Mandy Mac.

Mandy Mac have so very generously given Danni and I a gorgeous MacTropic nappy each to use and an extra 2 for us to give away to two chosen reviewers! Thanks to Mandy Mac two people will receive a gorgeous MacTropic nappy each to use and write a review for us!

I'm sure all of you MCN nappy users are excited about this review! We know we are.

Here is some information from their site

The MacTropic

Introducing The MacTropic : the PUL-free, Onesize, All-In-One Nappy from Mandy Mac.

The MacTropic is a super absorbent, minky, all-in-one and is about to take Australia by tropical storm!!! -

Only $29.90 for such an absorbent, easy to use nappy, it is guaranteed to save you money. Let the MacTropic become part of your nappy stash today.

About Mandy Mac

Hello, I'm Amanda McCracken, founder of Mandy Mac.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew I would use cloth nappies. I was worried about the health effects of using plastic and chemical based nappies - so I wanted something natural. Using fitted nappies seemed so much easier than the traditional terry square so I started experimenting with all types of fabric and styles - eventually settling on the now patented onesize with built-in liner.

When my neighbour asked me to make some for her sons as she was sick of washing pyjamas and sheets every morning, I had now idea it would lead to a flourishing business enterprise.

My business allows me to combine my three other passions in life: my family, the environment and third world development. Having a Batchelor of Commerce from Monash University - I majored in economic development because I fervently believe we have the opportunity to raise the living standards of people in the third world.

And so I get the Mandy Mac nappies manufactured in a developing country giving people employment and an increased standard of living that they would not otherwise have. Because our nappies are reusable they are far more environmentally friendly than single use nappies. My mission is to provide top quality modern cloth nappies to Australian families at top value prices. Finally, I am able to work from home which enables me to spend time with my four beautiful children: Lydia, Henry, Bram and Jemima.

This is the reason I am so grateful for the life I am leading. I have managed to combine everything in life that is important to me.

Review Opportunity

If you would like to be one of the two chosen mum's to trial and review one of these gorgeous nappies ( Reviewers will be chosen by Amanda herself ) then please send us an email to telling us what you think the greatest benefit of going PUL free is!!

Amanda has so generously also offered everyone who enters our competition a $5 gift voucher to spend at the Mandy Mac store.

Thankyou Amanda for giving us this wonderful review opportunity. I have used your nappy now a couple of times and I love it. I cannot wait to write my review and read what the other 3 mums have to say!


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